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다반티 DX640

다반티 DX640

사이즈 16인치, 17인치, 18인치, 19인치, 20인치, 21인치, 22인치
제조사 다반티 브랜드 DX640
가격 전화문의 적용 차량 SUV/RV용
상태 판매중 조회수 1037

최고의 제동력과 극강의 성능을 위해 

역학적으로 설계된 승용/SUV용 타이어 입니다.

Dynamically designed passenger and SUV tyre for maximum grip and ultra high performance.

Leading edge tread design coupled with an advanced silica compound for optimum performance and a responsive drive.

Tried and tested performance

The DX640 has outstanding wet grip ratings and low noise scores, regularly beating other performance brands in tyre tests. Optimal water dissipation is achieved through four longitudinal grooves and these are contained within substantial tread blocks for superior noise reduction.